Extend Visual Composer, give user the flexibility to display images in Metro style Carousel or Tile mode. Carousel mode support button and arrow navigation, with 3 type of button options, 6 button position options, 12 active color options, 4 animation options. Tile mode support 6 slide animation options. Both mode support auto play slideshow and the image support lightbox or custom link.

Note: you can get this extension from Visual Composer Extensions All In One. You do not have to purchase again if you purchased the All In One package before. And it’s recommended to purchase the All In One package which will contain other extension in the future update:


FeaturesYou can choose to display the image in Carousel or Tile mode.Navigation button in Carousel support these position: bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right, top-left, top-center, and top-right.Navigation button in Carousel can be one of these 3 type: default(short line), cycle, and square.Navigation button in Carousel with 12 active color options available.Slide animation support: slide, fade, switch, or slowdown in the Carousel mode.Slide effect support: slideLeft, slideRight, slideLeftRight, slideUp, slideDown, and slideUpDown in the Tile mode.Thumbnails support lightbox or custom link in both mode.Auto play slideshow in both mode, you can customize the delay time in the editor.Retina ready and responsive.Metro UI CSS driven, include the necessary component only, keep the files lightweight.Extend the Visual Composer, work fine with the VC in a theme or VC installed as a plugin.Compatible with latest jQuery and latest WordPress.Enqueue the js and css only when needed. Keep WordPress page size smaller.FAQ and source code are included in the package. Free update in the future.Recommendation for you

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